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> History of the Crimson Realms, The Gods
Ninrev Sirgem
  Posted: May 1 2005, 12:29 PM
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The Creation

In the beginning there was only darkness. Existence was a void, a realm of nothingness. The world was black, cold, and lifless. Then the sun appeared. Suddenly the world was split between light and dark. These two things were the only forces and the universe, and the difference between them was as obvious as black and white.

For many millenium the world remained as such. But over time, the forces of the universe began to take on personalities. Out of the dark was born the Prime Gods of Darkness:Chaos, Hate, and War. Out of the life was born the Prime Gods of the Light:Order, Love, and Peace. Each of these gods had an alter ego, or an exact opposite in the other side. Yet still the world was split, even though new shades of being had appeared.

From the six Prime Gods of Light and Darkness were bron many lesser demi-gods. Some of them were evil, some were not. Yet each of them controlled a particular niche of existence. Thus the world was no longer so obvious, it now was in shades of gray. In order to fight each other, the prime gods created people in their image . Out of this creation was born the mortals of the world. Yet each god altered the people to his liking, and people under their control exhibited certain qualities.

The gods gave these creatures the power of free will so that they could better serve their masters. Yet what they did not expect was for their creations to have thoughts of their own. These mortals had no desire to be the pawns and puppets of more powerful beings and revolted. The goda became shocked and amazed at how such puny creatures would try to defy them. The Gods easily crushed the mortals revolt, yet were left with great feelings of almost fear. They realized that if they did not control the lesser beings with an iron grip they would lose control of them.

The gods banded together and forgot their personal differences to make sure the humans never revolted again. They sundered the world into six main realms and a few lesser areas. They forced the humans to be unable to leave their realm, and be forced for all eternity to serve them. Yet in some of those areaslike Amador's pass and the Golden Sea humans and other races escaped. They now seek to free their bretheren for the control of the gods by any means necessary. The Prime Gods were content to watch these rebels from afar, they were already to busy squashing rebellion in their own realms to worry about others.

Even under the most horrible of conditions several mortals fought for their freedom from under the tyrannical rule of the Six Prime Gods. They allied with many lesser demin gods and various demons. These unsavory allies were jealous of the power of the six gods and desired such things for themselves. There is a constant battle for supremecy in the Six Great Realms, with gods and mortals constantly fighting for control. Things never stay the same, this is the rule of the universe. Yet the Six Prime Gods stubbornly refuse to alloy their creations to have their birthrights.

The Six Prime Gods are even suspicious of one another, there old conflicts never being completely settled. A few of the Prime Gods have been beaten back and weakened, yet the Gods of the Hate, Chaos, War, maintain control. The light has banded with the side of the lower mortals, and even now they amass armies to fight the forces of darkness. Yet even unknown to the Gods of Light, the mortals have their own agendas. They will one day destroy the gods and seek the power that is rightfully theirs.

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