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> Application for Ruling a City, Rules, Guidelines, App. Info.
Rex Regis Filiolus
Posted: Apr 28 2005, 10:11 AM
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To apply, start a thread named after the city in question following these guidelines.

Becoming a Ruler:

1. Upon application, user must provide a map of the city in question. If unable to create your own map, must provide detailed description so an administrator can create one for you.

2. Must post a set of basic laws for the city and surrounding area.

3. Must provide a basic outline or list of intentions for the cities future.


1. All Basic Rules Apply

2. Rulers have limited power over characters only in your city.

If accepted you will become a moderator of your city and will be able to affect the Crimson Realms in many ways. Your rank will also be edited to illuatrate your ruling over the city.

Requirements for rulership

Name of city or cities (list)




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