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> Point System, Da' Rules
Rex Regis Filiolus
Posted: May 7 2005, 09:04 PM
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Let it be stated that these rules apply to all sanctioned (Tournaments, Legal challenged) and unsanctioned (Challenges, Battle Arena) fights. Also, that the previously established rules of RP will always go into effect (Unless otherwise stated)

Point System:

Winning points - To win a point, or win several points you must actively participate in a battle of any sort. And said battle must be finally judged by an admin (who was not involved with the fight) or an official Judge, who will have such title stated in their rank. The number of points earned will be directly affected by the judges decision and the style in which you won the fight (or tournament)

Losing points - To lose a point, or lose several points you must actively participate in a battle of any sort. The points being taken away must be issued, and then seconded by an admin, or judge, (as said before). The number of points lost directly relates to the rules violated, and the decision of the judge.

Official Points - Official points deal with sanctioned events only, always taking place in the tournament forum, and having issued a formal challenge pre-approved by a judge (or admin)

Unofficial Points - Unofficial points do not count towards rank, and are earned in every other type of event that lies under unsanctioned. These fights will be taking place in the 'battle arena'

Formal Challenges & Tournaments

The challenger must post an initial challenge including a description of the arena, specific rules of the fight, and number of players involved. For it to be a sanctioned event the challenged must reply and accept such rules (or deny and ratify). Then, the admin or judge that will judge the event will use those stated rules as guidelines and apply that to their decisions.

For a tournament to be established you must follow the same rules as a formal challenge, but include limit of people, and a grand prize to be earned out of it. Once you have established the invite to a tournament an admin or judge will take over and complete bracket information and fighting schedules.

The rules for earning points are as such.

Wins: 2 points*
Losses: 0 points
Draw: 1 point
Petty Arguements: -1 point
Rule Penalties: -1 point

A Tournament Win will earn: 5 points

*2 points is the minimum for winning, extra points will be awarded for shorter fights, better attacks, and overall good show. (Decided by a judge)

if you have any comments, concerns, or complaints send them to me in a PM

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