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 Nlh Update
Posted by Godfather - 11-8-05 03:34 - 0 comments

NLH 4.4.1

- add WinXP Style
- fixed a little bug
- add Script Preview
- fixed Help File -> better description chase a player
- add hint (chase a player)
- add fix Niles Random- and Sequential Pick Event
- add fix Variables in Nile
- add more Events in Nile

- add Terrains Reality MOD (Terrain Viewer)

For more information & screen shots visit the NLH support and download section.

...read more
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 Attn Members
Posted by Godfather - 11-2-05 05:49 - 0 comments

Please check and confirm that your account details contain your correct Birthday and Location information.

To do this click on My Controls then select Edit Profile info

These two pieces of information are now REQUIRED on ALL accounts, no exceptions. All accounts need to be updated no later then the end of November.

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 Niles Little Helper Tutorial
Posted by Brad.G - 10-30-05 15:02 - 6 comments
Niles little helper does have a Help index built in, although i still get asked many questions as to how to do certain things in NLH such as "how do i make the AI chase after the player?"

so i wrote this tutorial covering all of the features in NLH

let me know if i missed anything off. dont think i did
Read 90 times - last comment by Brad.G   

 Unofficial Nile Update!
Posted by Sazza - 10-28-05 04:34 - 0 comments

I have updated version 0.88 to version 0.89

Changes are not big.
*Removed Coopfixer from installer.
*Tested with DFX with good result.
*Added new Wac Commands.
*Updated the NLH by Oldman to version 4.3
*Updated the tutorials and links.

A direct link is now added to this forum within the Extra Nile tutorial.
Why? Becouse i think this Nile forum is simply the best.

DOWNLOAD your copy Read 53 times - make a comment   

 We Have A Position To Fill
Posted by Godfather - 10-26-05 12:18 - 0 comments

I'm currently seeking one or two people to work on a blog for the site.

Areas of interest would be new updates from nova & what they do/don't do.
New maps
New Mods

So if you have ever wanted to try your had as a blogger, I'm offering you your chance. rolleyes.gif The blog is up and running, just waiting for it's authors!

Read 14 times - make a comment   

 Novalogic Update
Posted by Godfather - 10-26-05 06:48 - 1 comments

NovaLogic has released a new update for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, Escalation, and the recently released Joint Operations Combined Arms. For those whose product version is up to date, the size of the update to be downloaded is approximately 10MB. You can update the game by selecting �update� from the main menu screen in the game or in the Joint Operations program group in your Windows Start Menu. For those experiencing trouble using the update service, the update can also be downloaded from www.NovaLogic.com. Updating in game is a quicker process than going to NovaLogic.com as the file sizes are significantly smaller. This update is required to play on NovaWorld games.

For a list of the game play enhancements in this update please go to the Joint Operations forums and read the sticky ...read more
Read 49 times - last comment by Brad.G   

 Rock On!
Posted by Godfather - 10-12-05 12:51 - 1 comments

Revised & Re-Released!

I have gone in and took a second look at the mission in order to correct the "Mission to big" problem, some people were reporting. To be very honest I'm well under the suggested limits by as much as 50% so there was little that could be trimmed, but I manged to go from 263K to 248k so maybe its enough to solve the problem. "To be honest I never could cause the error, so I don't know it's fixed" But it the best I can do without changing aspects of the mission.

I'm pleased to announce my latest Coop Mission for Joint Operations and the Reality Mod is now available. Get your copy here first!

Download ...read more
Read 107 times - last comment by Godfather   

 Wac Tutorial For Beginners
Posted by Brad.G - 09-12-05 07:58 - 0 comments

The basics of it

UPDATED attachment on 30/10/05

What is a wac file?
Well a wac file is what makes events happen

what are events?
hmm , your going to be a tough one to teach aren't you
an event is something what happens in the game.
for example an AI attaching to a gun, or an AI running along the ground, or creating atmospheric changes such as rain, thunder and lightning in your maps, or having text appear , or having something blow up automatically as you get close to it , or shooting a radio component to make a gate unlock .. the list goes on and on and on and on.......

where is the WAC file?
when you save your map in nile, it will automatically generate a WAC file , and save it in the sam ...read more
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 Jo Reality Mod 1.98 Released
Posted by Godfather - 09-5-05 11:10 - 4 comments

JO:R 1.98 released: Setp. 5, 2005 11:19am


*Fixed lots Menu problems

*Re-Arranged the hud to playable positions

*Added Red Smoke grenades for sniper class

*Added Green Smoke grenades for support class

*Added 2 Firing Range target objects for mappers

*Reduced skin count

*Corrected Terrain texture problem (made a particular terrain bug out sometimes on map load)

*Added LPD17 Object for mappers (for testing and preview)

*Changed �Rebels� to �OPFOR�

*Fixed weapoon skins that were too light.

*Several New sounds

Read 76 times - last comment by GettinBetter   

 Amorain Fx - Artillery
Posted by Godfather - 09-5-05 07:49 - 0 comments

How to use AmoRain to create an Artillery Barrage.

However it depends on area triggers, but I guess it could be modified to use some other triggers.

It involves using 6 Triggers on the ground, that detect movement. When an area is entered it will trigger the FX and when you leave the area the FX stop. By using multi area you can track the player on the ground, and give the effect the artillery is following them.

// Artillery FIRST WAVE
if area 1 then ; SOUTH WEST
; if random 2 then ; pause
ammoarea(ammo_AI_mortar, 1)
; endif ; end pause
if area 2 then ; SOUTH
; if random 2 then
ammoarea(ammo_AI_ ...read more
Read 86 times - make a comment   

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