Although we are fairly new to forums, I'm amazed at how easy this one at Forums For Free is to use, I must admit I didn't even know what html was when I joined, and now mainly because of FFF forum support team and their own dedicated help forum I have mastered the things I never thought possible including a professional looking forum. Thanks FFF here's to many years ahead.
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PHPBB server Number 3
Friday, 14 October 2005
We now have PHPBB server number 3 online and ready to accept sign ups. You can sign up for your Free PHPBB forum by clicking one of the links above.
PHPBB Server 3 has the same features as Server 2 which means all free forums are completely search engine friendly with titles of your topics appearing in the urls. This means your forum will come higher up in the search engines for each of your free forums topics.
Last Updated ( Friday, 14 October 2005 )
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