"I love forumforfree. They are the best "Free" forumhoster I have used. Forumhoster, ibpforfree, ibpfree, invisionfree, and forumer can't compare to the service here at FFF. The support board is active and very helpful. I love my FFF board."
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New Support Portal
Forum For Free now has a brand new support portal to be used for problems/backups and abuse reports. The support system is based on a ticketing system and will allow for greater control and tracking of support issues, nothing should be forgotten or missed. It is not yet fully complete but you can visit and submit tickets as from today. The new support portal is at http://support.forumforfree.com and is not located on any of our main servers, so if there is a problem with a server you should still be able to get through to support.
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