I have tried many, many forum hosting websites but none are even close to Forum For Free!  They have the nicest support people, the highest quality forums, and best of all, it's free!  No where else are you given so much for free.  I couldn't believe it at first because every other site has memory limits or some kind of hidden fees, but Forum For Free gives you unlimited control of wonder forums!  Definatley the best.

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Forum For Free Chat Room Service
I have decided to provide us all with a chat room. Instead of using other services with popups and adverts all over we can all use a chat room specially for ForumForFree forums.

I will write an FAQ soon which shows you exactly how to add the Chat Room link to your forum.

Because usually chatrooms are empty I have decided to make this chat room completely shared by us all. This way we should have more members to come and join in a chat. All members can create there own room as well, so this means if you have a lot of members you can all hang out in your own room.

Chat Moderators
Unfortunately I cannot make all Admins chat moderators. I will be looking out for the most popular rooms and chatters and recruiting a team of Chat Administrators to look after this new feature.

User created rooms will dissapear after a certain amount of inactivity. If you have a popular forum and would like a permanant Room then please post a request in the Chat Request area...

The instructions to add the link to your own forum are located in the support forum. Please click here.
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