"I was looking around the net looking for free forums for me and my fiancee, and I found this, and I am very happy with it. I get help with it when I need it and there is great support from both admins from FFF and other people that have made forums here.
I've made a private forum at FFF that i use to keep my family and friends updated with our wedding plans and my plans to move over to her (moving from Bergen,Norway to Hawaii). FFF, Keep up the good work, definetly the best one i know."
- FFF Forum Owner -

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FFF - Dedicated Server Purchased
We are now running on our very own dedicated server. It has a lot more power than the last server we where on and all your forums should now run faster.


Pentium 4 2.8Gig Hyper Threading (simulated dual processors).
1 gig Ram, upgradable to 4 gig, when needed.
Our network is configured with 10 different backbone providers including AboveNet, Allegiance Telecom, AT&T, Broadwing, Global Crossing, Level 3, Sprint, Time Warner, Verio, and UUNet for 15Gbps of redundant bandwidth.
We have server monitoring and if there is a problem we are notified immediatly and have admins ready to deal with the server 24/7.
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